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Sigg Total Clear One




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The Sigg Total Clear One has a transparent-like glass and is stylishly sporty with the small SIGG logo – it’s clear that TOTAL CLEAR is the ideal bottle at home or in school. The 0.5-liter size ensures you always have enough water at hand, and it is spill-proof.

Thanks to the innovative ONE top with the extra-large WMB opening, it’s extremely comfortable to use: Carry, open, drink, close and seal conveniently with one hand – plus filling and cleaning the bottle is child’s play. Even ice cubes fit in this SIGG. It’s made of featherlight, durable Tritan that’s taste and odor-neutral. Naturally free of harmful chemicals, such as estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates – for a safer drinking experience.


  • All ingredients are BPA-Free
  • This bottle SIGG™ bottle is totally leakproof
  • This SIGG™ product has been made with materials that are known for their lightness
  • This product has been designed and engineered by our team and partners in Switzerland

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