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UYN Men’s Trekking Explorer Comfort



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With its fit, wearing comfort, breathability and supportive and protective structure, these UYN Men’s Trekking Explorer Comfort are ideal for longer exploring tours. Important: optimal climate management. This is guaranteed by Natex, a 100% plant-based nylon fibre.


  • ANTI-IMPACTOR – Frontal shock-absorbent 3D knitted structure that simultaneously guarantees efficient foot ventilation.
  • INTERICOR ANKLE GUARD – Asymmetric malleolus protection integrated in the shin. Reduces pressure during activity.
  • COOL-AIR-FLOW TECHNOLOGY – 3D micro-channel structure for air circulation; keeps feet dry and at a comfortable temperature.
  • PRESHOCK SHIELD – Absorbs shocks and protects the sensitive Achilles tendon with a 3D knitted structure.
  • ERGOLOGIC FOOTBED – Anatomically shaped footbed for athletic stresses and movement.
  • SHIN PROTECTOR – Frontal cushioning protection that simultaneously guarantees air flow.

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