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Mammut Tyin Synthetic Sleeping Bag


The Mammut Tyin Synthetic Sleeping Bag is a classic winter sleeping bag and is the standard by which all others are judged. It has everything a winter sleeping bag needs such as a sturdy zip baffle, wide thermal collar and excellent MTI 11 filling.

Mammut Winter Tyin Sleeping Bag

HIRE £36.00 inc VAT (4 week hire)


Filling     MTI™ 11
Lower comfort temperature for men to the EN 13537 in °C     -9
extreme temperature to EN 13537 in Celsius     -27

The materials are designed for longevity and durability
Body Zone Insulation – the thickness of the layers increases towards the feet, thereby trapping heat where we need it most (patented)
Hot Head Hood – for optimum protection from the cold in the head area shelterTX™ around the foot box and hood for optimum wet-proofing

Weight: 2.0kg