The Snugpak Sleeka is our choice for our really good Synthetic Warm Jacket. It’s created with outdoor comfort in mind and designed with every possible benefit in mind.

The Paratex Light outer shell makes this jacket lightweight, windproof and water repellent but importantly, it’s also breathable with great moisture wicking away from the body. The inside is filled with Softie Premier for warmth with a finer, softer, more durable insulation.Nicknamed ‘Softie’, this jacket has been tried and tested in every kind of outdoor activity, and in every conflict since the Falklands War. Many have tried to emulate it, but there is only one truly original, high performance, mid layer insulated jacket.

Ideal for: Cold damp environments including Northern Europe, Toubkal and UK winters etc…

HIRE £28.00 inc VAT (4 week hire)

Snugpack Sleeka (olive)