How long before my journey should I place my order?
We normally recommend that you make your order at least 3 weeks before you are due to leave.

How do I receive my equipment?
We can have the equipment delivered to you next day at a cost of £15.00 (Courier charge not ours). If you prefer you can collect it yourself and save on transport costs. In some circumstances courier charges may vary depending on your postcode.

How do I get the equipment back to you?
You can send the equipment back via the Post Office, but make sure you get proof of postage incase equipment is lost.

Is the equipment I am hiring tried and tested and in good working condition?
All of our trekking gear has been used for high altitude treks up to 6000m.  Our clients regularly use the equipment on their trips to KILIMANJARO, EVEREST BASE CAMP, MACHU PICHU, HIGH ATLAS etc…

What sort of condition can I expect to receive my equipment?
All of our equipment is checked on return from hire periods, cleaned, maintained and renewed if necessary which guarantees every order goes out in tip top condition.

What if I lose or damage some of the equipment?
When you hire the equipment, you will be asked to pay a deposit equivalent to the cost of the hire charge. Depending on the type of damage, or which part of the equipment is lost will depend on how much money we will take off your deposit to cover the cost of replacing or repairing the item.

How do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards except American Express. Eventually the site will be developed so that you will be able to book and pay for your items online. Watch this space…

How long can I have the equipment for?
We allow 4 weeks to get the equipment back to us from the date of the initial shipment

Can I get any advice on what to take for my particular trip?
Yes, all of our staff have in depth knowledge of all the equipment and will only recommend the appropriate equipment for your  trip.